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No Deal snipeBite Toothpaste Bits

A company that wants to do away with the waste from toothpaste tubes by innovating on toothpaste packaging.

No Deal snipeBabyQuip

Why haul all the baby gear with you when this company can have it delivered to your destination?

Deal snipeCoconut Girl

A "nicecream" bar made out of healthy ingredients.

Deal snipePair Eyewear

A company that wants to do away wit the stigma of wearing glasses as a kid by making glasses themselves a little bit more fun.

Deal snipeBala Bangles

Remember ankle and wrist weights? That's what these guys make.

Deal snipeShake it Pup

Spice up your dog food with... dog food spice. We swear, you can't make this shit up.

No Deal snipePips & Bounce

A restaurant that offers ping pong and wants to franchise.

Deal snipeFur

Grooming supplies for your pubes. Yes. Your pubes.

Deal snipeGenius Juice

A new kind of coconut drink that promises a whole coconut per bottle.

Deal snipeRapid Rope

A company that makes a strong, easily dispensed rope for every recreation purpose.

Deal snipeReady, Set, Food!

A food for infants that wants to help them overcome specific common food allergies.

No Deal snipeKa-Pop!

A snack based on an "ancient grain".

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Deal snipeWise Pocket Products

A company started by a young entrepeneur that has an interesting place where people can keep their accessories.

Deal snipeKreyòl Essence

A company that has a novel new use for Hatian castor oil.

No Deal snipeLoveSync

A company that wants to improve people's sex lives with a magical new button... no... a different button.

Deal snipeWanna Date?

A young entrepreneur that wants to bring dates into everyone's lives. Dates... like the dried fruit... not like... you know... dating...

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Deal snipeSlumberPod

Congrats to Barbara! She finally made her first deal of the season, buying into a blackout tent parents can stash their children in the hopes they'll fucking sleep at night.

No Deal snipeFortress Clothing

A company that makes outdoor undergarments and clothing for extreme(ly cold) environments.

No Deal snipeZUUM

A company that wants to capitalize on the trend of e-travel by bringing a Chinese electric rollerskate to the United States.

Deal snipeFlexscreen

Window screens are a pain. But what if they didn't have to be? What if they had a flexible frame so they could just pop in and out? That would be something, wouldn't it?

What is Stats For Sharks? Stats For Sharks is a data visualization project based on the popular ABC television show Shark Tank. Statistics for each deal on every episode of every season have been collected and organized into a database that we use to display charts that might reveal information never before realized about what happens on the show.

What deals are outside the norm? How far outside are they? Stats For Sharks hopes to illuminate these questions by revealing data on each deal made within the context of the deal's season, category, and shark.

Stats For Sharks is not trying to provide hints as to which deals are most likely. Certain patterns have been revealed with over nine seasons on the books but, as with any investment, the investor makes decisions on a variety of factors that may not be (and probably isn't) represented here. Future participants on the show should not use the data here as a guide for making a deal.

Stats For Sharks is in no way associated with ABC, the producers, any companies mentioned, or any of the sharks. However, we are totally willing to sell out. Please contact us if you're interested.

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