Season 12 Is Here!

And just like that, we've got the second episode of Season Twelve in the books. We would like to extend our Stats For Sharks welcome to the newest guest shark, Kendra Scott who made her first appearance with this episode and fucking put Blake Mycoskie to shame with her big $500,000 investment!

Season Twelve is already looking like a big season, what with these guest shark investments and Mark Cuban already having put $900,000 of investment in the book. It will be curious to see how many episodes we end up getting this season as it might very well end up truncated, what with the pandemic and all. We sure as hell hope not and we hope to see our bubble chart below break some new records because... well... what with the infection rates rising, a little Shark Tank is pretty much what we need to take our minds off of things.

Looking forward to next week!

Scroll chart to see it all!

Deal snipeBootayBag

A clothing subscription service that will send women monthly panties.

Deal snipeGo Oats

Oatmeal that you can heat and eat on the go because it's in ball form!

Deal snipePooch Paper

A new way to pick up poop with your hands without, you know, getting it on your hands.

Deal snipeP-Nuff Crunch

A healthy new snack food from a very buff and very smart guy.

Deal snipeTouch Up Cup

A nice little product for the home to keep paint wet in a container smaller than a full painter's bucket. A quintessential Shark Tank product.

Deal snipeSpark Charge

A way to ensure that drivers of electric vehicles don't get "range anxiety" by providing them a charge where ever they are.

No Deal snipeGarmaGuard

A spray that will kill bacteria and viruses on someone's clothes to keep the bad things at bay.

No Deal snipeRumpl

An outdoor blanket with a mission but a very, very high pricetag.

Scroll chart to see it all!

Scroll chart to see it all!

What is Stats For Sharks? Stats For Sharks is a data visualization project based on the popular ABC television show Shark Tank. Statistics for each deal on every episode of every season have been collected and organized into a database that we use to display charts that might reveal information never before realized about what happens on the show.

What deals are outside the norm? How far outside are they? Stats For Sharks hopes to illuminate these questions by revealing data on each deal made within the context of the deal's season, category, and shark.

Stats For Sharks is not trying to provide hints as to which deals are most likely. Certain patterns have been revealed with over nine seasons on the books but, as with any investment, the investor makes decisions on a variety of factors that may not be (and probably isn't) represented here. Future participants on the show should not use the data here as a guide for making a deal.

Stats For Sharks is in no way associated with ABC, the producers, any companies mentioned, or any of the sharks. However, we are totally willing to sell out. Please contact us if you're interested.

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