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Season 11 - In The Books!

Green means that shark spent or appeared more in Season Eleven over Season Ten while red means they spent or appeared less. The only guest shark included in the more vs. less calculations is Rohan because last season he was in only two episodes and this season was in five making his numbers actually significant! Robert and Daymond, meanwhile, basically just switched places from last season.

Mark and Lori also both appeared in one more episode than the previous season but that's because they have perfect attendance and have been in every episode in both seasons making their appearance records... statistically unchanged.

We're looking forward to running more numbers like this as we crunch the data!

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Deal snipeDreamland Baby

Most parents want to strangle their kid after a few nights of not being able to sleep. What if crushing them under weight put the little bastard down? Dreamland Baby is putting that to the test!

Deal snipeThe Mad Optimist

A company by three entrepreneurs from Bloomington, IN, who want people to determine themselves what price they'll pay for soap! You just know Kevin's going to love this one...

Deal snipeRollinGreens

Despite hailing from Boulder, CO, this is not a medical marijuana company! It's actually one that makes healthier frozen snack foods, like millet-based tater tots.

Deal snipeYellow Leaf Hammocks

A company that has refined the classic hammock in order to support low wage workers in South East Asia.

Deal snipeMC Squares

An office and collaboration supply company that has a novel take on whiteboards and sticky notes.

No Deal snipeRescue Ready

A pair of fire fighters with a innovative new window treatment they want to license to window manufacturers in the name of "safety".

No Deal snipeSlate Chocolate Milk

Two bros and three kinds of, apparently, not very good chocolate milk.

No Deal snipesalted

A food service company that doesn't actually operate a retail location but has, instead, optimized itself for delivery and take-out.

Deal snipeTough Tie

A clothing apparel company that is making ties (and other accessories) that will survive the mauling your children will give them.

No Deal snipeLord Von Schmitt

That guy who makes neat things that you encouraged to follow through and make a business out of that you have since regretted doing.

No Deal snipeDadWare

It's not exactly a nursing shirt for me but it is a way to expose bare skin on a man's chest for a baby. You decide.

Deal snipePotty Safe

A way to stop children from slinging their shit all over the bathroom while teaching them not to just let it out.

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Deal snipeUnbuckleMe

A product that makes applying 9lbs of pressure against a seatbelt buckle easier for people with bad hands.

Deal snipeTanoshi

A company making tablets and laptops for children that can't afford netbooks and parents who are worried about... the bad stuff on the internet

No Deal snipeProven

A beauty product company that claims to use artificial intelligence and a "skin genome" database to build skin products specifically aimed at people

No Deal snipeVan Robotics

A company that makes a teaching "robot" that will teach up to what kids expect today and keep them engaged.

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Deal snipeFried Green Tomatoes

This company wants to bring a little southern hospitality to food truck food.

No Deal snipeLittle Burros

Inspired by a wife that wouldn't leave a husband alone while she was gardening, this company hopes to provide everything needed when someone gardens to... maybe leave the other person alone?

No Deal snipeJiggaerobics

A recent college graduate has created a new kind of fitness routine.

Deal snipeMural Painter

A young entrepreneur has capitalized on the once-again trend of hand painted murals to start her own sign painting business.

What is Stats For Sharks? Stats For Sharks is a data visualization project based on the popular ABC television show Shark Tank. Statistics for each deal on every episode of every season have been collected and organized into a database that we use to display charts that might reveal information never before realized about what happens on the show.

What deals are outside the norm? How far outside are they? Stats For Sharks hopes to illuminate these questions by revealing data on each deal made within the context of the deal's season, category, and shark.

Stats For Sharks is not trying to provide hints as to which deals are most likely. Certain patterns have been revealed with over nine seasons on the books but, as with any investment, the investor makes decisions on a variety of factors that may not be (and probably isn't) represented here. Future participants on the show should not use the data here as a guide for making a deal.

Stats For Sharks is in no way associated with ABC, the producers, any companies mentioned, or any of the sharks. However, we are totally willing to sell out. Please contact us if you're interested.

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