Recreation is a category reserved for companies that offer some form of sport, outdoor activity, or organized amusement. The latter point is different from the "Gag" category in that what the entrepreneurs are attempting to do is not a limited, one-off type of amusement like You Kick Ass (a company that creates superhero figures of people from photos sent in) from Season Six. Instead, they are companies like World Record Striper Company or Spikeball, a company that makes a new type of fishing lure or a company trying to start a whole new sport respectively.

Shark Interest

What’s interesting to note about the Recreation category is which sharks are interested and which are not. The category, in general, is dominated by Mark and Robert who, collectively, make up almost a third of all sucessful Recreation deals. In contrast, Barbara made a few early season investments but none since, while Daymond and Mr. Wonderful will often go long stretches between investing. Additionally, it was only in Season Eight that Lori invested anything into the category.

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Scroll chart to see it all!

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