Wyp Aviation

A Wyp Aviation is a company from Huntsville, AL that invented a "wake board" for the sky. The board can be dragged behind an airplane and can be ridden like a wakeboard. The concept was inspired by Tailspin, the cartoon.

Wyp Aviation was fundraising to open indoor recreation facilities to expose people to the concept of aerial wake-boarding but intends to do outdoor flights as well. The founders believe that the indoor facilities are a good promotion for the concept that they hope to turn into a sport. The company also performs airplane demonstrations for marketing purposes.

The company maintains a partnership with a wind tunnel facility outside of Toronto for events.

Wyp plans to charge $80-85 per two minute flight.

The company projects it will cost to $5-6,000,000 to build one facility. They appeared on the tank stating that their intention is to raise $3,000,000 and to go into another $3,000,000 debt to finance first location.

From a functional perspective, the device appears to use Snowboard bindings to keep the rider on the board.

The sharks were not thrilled with the costs to open a facility and Wyp Aviation walked away without a deal.

The deal aired on Episode 9.01.

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