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Sierra Madre Research

Sierra Madre Research is a company from Vicksburg, MS, that tries to make camping experiences more pleasant with hammocks.

The company makes unique camping equipment to lift people off of the ground in custom built hammock tents. The entrepreneur came up with idea in 2009 while in Honduras helping to bring clean water. It features built in mosquito netting. It is easily assembled through the use of color coded clips to aide in construction. The sharks were impressed by strength and with the comfort.

The hammocks cost $350/unit including the hammock, cover, and suspension system on which they claim a 62% profit margin. Sales the previous year were $208,000. In the year of the show's airing, the entrepreneurs project finishing the year between $430-500,000 in revenue.

The founder intend to donate a percentage of profits to help pay for clean water where it is needed.

The deal aired on Episode 9.01.

Making A Deal

Sir Richard jumped at the chance to invest in this company and offered them exactly what the entrepreneurs were asking for in addition to donating all of his profits from the business to charity. The founders accepted the deal.

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