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The Shower Toga

The Shower Toga is a product by a company out of Atlanta, GA, that tries to bring some privacy to cleaning up after dirty events in crowded places. Aimed toward the camping, racing, or adventure-run set, the Shower Toga is a device that hangs on someone's shoulders so they can strip down inside, wash or wet-wipe their bits, and change into fresh clothes. Afterward, the user can roll up their clothes in the Shower Toga which can then act as a kind of duffle.

The Shower Toga was invented by a family that likes to participate in obstacle courses and mud runs. Finding that there was no privacy, they built prototypes of the Shower Toga in order to get a little bit.

The entrepreneurial family behind the Shower Toga believes that their market can include surfers, campers, mud-runners, and just about anyone who is active and needs to be able to clean up after in a public place. Additionally, they would like to get in touch with disaster relief operations to make it part of the standard kit given to families after natural disasters.

One unit costs $2.85 to produce, landed, wholesales for $16, and retails for $34.95. Thus far, they have grossed $80,000 in sales in a little less than a year selling it only on Amazon and from race-to-race in person. They have also just received a purchase order for 1,000 units from the "largest race company" but no more detail was offered.

This deal aired on Episode 10.14.

Making a Deal

Kevin says that he sees little difference between using a garbage bag for the same purpose and their product and is the first to go out. Robert also goes out. Lori states that she doesn't even see why an investor is needed and goes out as well.

Mark says that he likes the founder but does think the product will need a name change. He teams up with guest shark Alli Webb to offer the requested $80,000 for 40% equity. The entrepreneurs accept. This has a modest $42,424 bite against the value of the company.

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