Goga is a company that wants to teach customers "goat yoga." What is goat yoga? It's "exactly like yoga but with goats."


The entrepreneurs claim that goat yoga is good for team building, bachelorette parties, and other events. It's a new type of yoga that Goga claims is popping up all over the country. They claim that the animals "bring you into the present" and that people find the animals calming. They call down the sharks to perform some yoga moves and place goats on them as they're holding poses to demonstrate.

Currently, Goga has a single temporary studio though they claim to have secured a new permanent location. Yoga instructors are hired as contractors to conduct classes. Currently the studio is not fully booked, however, the entrepreneurs say that as they move in "Phase II", they intended to fully book their new studio.

A single goat yoga session costs $30 per participant versus an average $20-25 per person for the goat-less variety. Goga claims to have earned $250,000 in revenue for the year so far, all made on the backs of goats.

Their killer edge, say the entrepreneurs, is that one of their mothers has a goat farm from which they source their goats at an insider price.

Robert drops out right away, saying that he sees it as little more than a gimmick. Mark also thinks that, at best, it's a niche and is uninvestible. Guest shark Alli Webb doesn't like that neither founder seem to have a passion for yoga and, likewise, drops out. Lori goes out right behind her.

Mr. Wonderful, with his usual charm, states that he'd rather eat goats on the Island of Cyprus than do yoga with one and follows the rest of the sharks out of the deal leaving the entrepreneurs without a deal.

This deal aired on Episode 10.14.

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Scroll chart to see it all!


  1. In all seriousness, these people should think about teaming up with Rent A Goat from Season Five if they ever want to expand out to San Diego. Rent A Goat has the goats but no yoga, and Goga has the yoga but needs goats. Could this be a match made in... a farm yard?

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