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Sand Cloud

Sand Cloud is a San Diego, CA, company that makes comfortable and plush beach accessories like the “pillow towel”. Their products are all hand crafted from Turkish cotton for plushness, comfort, and premium feel.

The company has a charitable mission and gives away 10% of their profits every year to charity.

They have been in business two and a half years. In the first year they grossed $30,000 in sales. Last year, they sold $430,000. So far in the year that this deal aired, they have earned $1,600,000 to date and project finishing the year with $3,000,000 in sales.

This deal aired on Episode 8.18.

Making A Deal

Robert accepted the deal but not at 5%. Intead, he offered the money Sand Cloud was looking for at 15% and the entrepreneurs accepted. Taking this deal meant that Robert effectively bit over half the value of the company from when they came in.


In an update that aired in episode 9.09, Sand Cloud re-iterated how they had only done $30,000 in sales the first year. However, they also specified that they had done $2,700,000 in sales since their appearance in the tank.

To the Stats Shark, this does not seem especially good. When the deal aired in the beginning of the last half of Season Eight, the entrepreneurs had stated that they were on track to do $3,000,000 in sales by the end of that year which would have been $1,400,000 more than they had already done for the year. Assuming they were just past their half-way point and given the fact that Shark Tank begins airing in late-September/early-October, if one presumes that they met their goal, they’d only done an additional $1,300,000 by June or July when the updates are most likely filmed. This would actually put them behind their previous years sales curve.

Unfortunately, Shark Tank only gives so much information both in the show and in the updates, so it’s difficult to properly track that business trajectories of these companies. However, Stats For Sharks has them recorded claiming what their sales projections would be and there seems to be a definite mismatch in terms of sales before versus reported sales with the update.

In episode 10.12, Sand Cloud was featured in a very brief update segment in which they claimed to have "made" $15,000,000 in sales and donated $100,000. Even assuming those sales are cumulative, it seems as though their sales have picked up steam.

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