Bemies is a company from Buenos Aires, Argentina, that makes a super fast drying line of swimsuits. Because the material is not 100% polyester, it is somehow cheaper than if it were.

The entrepreneur behind Bemies quit his finance job to start the company, investing his life savings and money from family in the neighborhood of $100,000 to get the company off the ground. Additionally, Bemies did a $10,000 Kickstarter to test the market and ended up raising $30,000 instead.

A swimsuit from Bemies costs $9.08 per unit to produce and sells for $40.99 at retail. In 2016, Bemies managed $271,000 in gross sales. This year, Bemies has earned $300,000 by the time the episode was filmed. Of these sales, 80% have been to wholesalers and the other 20% direct to consumer online.

Unfortunately, these sales were not enough to entice a shark to bite and the entrepreneur ended up leaving the tank without deal.

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