Thrive+ is a supplement company from Houston, TX, that wants to make dealing with hangovers and their effects a little less painful.

The entrepreneur behind Thrive+ had graduated from Princton just three months before filming, so presumably he knew something about hangovers. The Thrive+ product has been designed to reduce the effects of alcohol withdrawl. Supposedly it gives the liver enzymes to process the alcohol to push it out of the system quicker. This chemical was formulated with the help of the entrepreneur's neuroscience professor and then tweaked with the help of a patent lawyer so it would qualify as unique enough to be patentable.

The entrepreneur stated that Thrive+ is "somewhere between a hangover cure and a dietary supplement for someone who drinks."

Thrive+ is sold primarily to customers between 35 and 55 years old, direct to consumer online, and has no plans to go into retail because of the costs associated.

Anyone who's seen how supplements fare on Shark Tank can probably guess how well this did. In fact, supplements and other health related items that make claims that can't be backed up with reasonable studies are one of Mark Cuban's personal pet peeves, and rightly so.

So... no. Thrive+ did not leave the tank with a deal.

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