Episode 12.01

Deal snipeTouch Up Cup

A nice little product for the home to keep paint wet in a container smaller than a full painter's bucket. A quintessential Shark Tank product.

Deal snipeSpark Charge

A way to ensure that drivers of electric vehicles don't get "range anxiety" by providing them a charge where ever they are.

No Deal snipeGarmaGuard

A spray that will kill bacteria and viruses on someone's clothes to keep the bad things at bay.

No Deal snipeRumpl

An outdoor blanket with a mission but a very, very high pricetag.

This episode is the first episode of Season Twelve! Welcome back, Shark Tank fans! Featuring four new deals at a socially distanced... uh... distance, this episode is the first to have new guest shark Blake Mycoskie of Tom's Shoes on the panel. In lieu of an update on a deal from a past episode, this had Blake's short biography.

This episode originally aired on October 16th, 2020.

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