Episode 11.24

Deal snipeDreamland Baby

Most parents want to strangle their kid after a few nights of not being able to sleep. What if crushing them under weight put the little bastard down? Dreamland Baby is putting that to the test!

Deal snipeThe Mad Optimist

A company by three entrepreneurs from Bloomington, IN, who want people to determine themselves what price they'll pay for soap! You just know Kevin's going to love this one...

Deal snipeRollinGreens

Despite hailing from Boulder, CO, this is not a medical marijuana company! It's actually one that makes healthier frozen snack foods, like millet-based tater tots.

Deal snipeYellow Leaf Hammocks

A company that has refined the classic hammock in order to support low wage workers in South East Asia.

In the Season Eleven finale of Shark Tank, guest shark Daniel Lubetzky comes back one more time to hear four new deals and make quite a large one himself. This episode also featured a "season round up" but all of the updates were covered in past episodes (and has been mentioned on the individual episode page).

This episode originally aired on May 15th, 2020.

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