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The Mad Optimist

What would you pay for a bar of soap? The entrepreneurs behind The Mad Optimist believe that if you had more money you would pay more so that poorer people could pay less. Based on everything we know about American society, it doesn't exactly seem likely but... this company is called The Mad Optimist, so maybe that should tell us something.

As first, it seemed like the entrepreneurs were attempting to pitch the company as some kind of tech play (and you know how your Stats Shark loves those) but, in the end, they really seemed to settle into the health/beauty category nicely with a custom component on through their website.

Though all the other sharks warned him against it, Mark Cuban came on board as their investor, cleanly biting their value in half but not asking for anything outrageous. 

This deal is being collated and will soon be posted. Check back shortly to see the details on this company and the pitch it made on Shark Tank.

Scroll chart to see it all!

Scroll chart to see it all!

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