No Deal


We're still working up our take on this deal. (Sometimes it takes us a little bit.) However, you might find our quick take interesting in the meantime. Check back when we've updated this deal to see all of our thoughts.

Your Stats Shark isn't exactly sure how millet-based tater tots are healthier than regular old potato tater tots but RollinGreens from Boulder, CO, seems to think theirs really is the healthier alternative.

Unfortunately, for a company that is seeing its sales trending upwards, so are its losses, having lost $200,000 on $320,000 in revenue in the previous year and projecting $300,000 in losses on $700,000 in sales in the current year. The sharks, naturally, take them to task for this oversight.

But then Robert rides in for a surprise rescue, asking for double the amount of equity the entrepreneurs originally wanted to give away but giving them the $500,000 they had asked for. 

Scroll chart to see it all!

Scroll chart to see it all!

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