Episode 11.21

Deal snipeUnbuckleMe

A product that makes applying 9lbs of pressure against a seatbelt buckle easier for people with bad hands.

Deal snipeTanoshi

A company making tablets and laptops for children that can't afford netbooks and parents who are worried about... the bad stuff on the internet

No Deal snipeProven

A beauty product company that claims to use artificial intelligence and a "skin genome" database to build skin products specifically aimed at people

No Deal snipeVan Robotics

A company that makes a teaching "robot" that will teach up to what kids expect today and keep them engaged.

An episode near the end of Season Eleven featuring guest shark Anne Wojcicki, founder of 23andMe. This episode featured the usual four new deals for the sharks to consider as well as an update on Hatch Baby, a company Chris Sacca made back in Season Seven.

This episode originally aired on May 6th 2020.

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