We're still working up our take on this deal. (Sometimes it takes us a little bit.) However, you might find our quick take interesting in the meantime. Check back when we've updated this deal to see all of our thoughts.

Proven is a company that claims to use "artificial intelligence" or AI to determine people's skin type in order to formulate a special line of skin care products for them.

Now, you may not know this by looking at Stats For Sharks, but your Stats Shark actually knows a thing or two about AI and if this company uses AI then he'll be a monkey's uncle. The questions that were demonstrated to "determine skin type" resembled nothing so intelligent as an internet personality test.

And while the entrepreneur kept referring to their "skin genome project", something that sounded... well... gene based (and that had perked up the ears of guest shark Anne Wojcicki), it turns out to be nothing more than an analysis of online reviews and 4,000 clinical research papers.

Needless to say, Proven left the tank without a deal. 

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Scroll chart to see it all!

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