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Chris Sacca is an American venture investor, company advisor, entrepreneur, and lawyer. He is the proprietor of Lowercase Capital, a venture capital fund in the United States that has invested in seed and early-stage technology companies such as Twitter, Uber, Instagram, Twilio, and Kickstarter, investments that resulted in his placement as No. 2 on Forbes' Midas List: Top Tech Investors for 2017.

Prior to founding Lowercase Capital in 2010, Sacca held several positions at Google, where he led the alternative access and wireless divisions and worked on mergers and acquisitions. Between 2015 and 2017, he appeared as a "Guest Shark" on ABC's Shark Tank.

In early 2017, Sacca announced that he was retiring from venture investing.

He has appeared on Shark Tank beginning in Season Seven, continued through Season Eight and even appeared in a single episode of Season Nine, though your Stats Shark thinks that this was like Category:Alex Rodriguez's appearance in Season Ten, and that this had been recorded the season before.

Though he hasn't returned since, your Stats Shark keeps wishing that he would because, despite teaming up with Mark Cuban three times, their clashes were some of the most entertaining television to watch and it was honestly nice to have someone else with a technology background up there to challenge Mark.


Shark Comparison

Despite not having appeared on the show since Season Nine, Chris remains one of the five biggest guest shark investors in Shark Tank history. He is also one of the most prolific, having invested in seven different companies.

Season 7's Biggest Guest Sharks

Rohan Oza
Rohan Oza: invested $1,833,333 on Shark Tank
Matt Higgins
Matt Higgins: invested $1,520,000 on Shark Tank
Daniel Lubetzky
Daniel Lubetzky: invested $1,500,000 on Shark Tank
Chris Sacca
Chris Sacca: invested $1,270,000 on Shark Tank
Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez: invested $850,000 on Shark Tank

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