Episode 1.14

No Deal snipeSend A Ball

A service that will send a fully inflated ball through the mails to where ever with what ever message on it.

Deal snipeQubits

A new type of builder toy for kids who need something more flexible than a Lego.

No Deal snipePillars of Slippers

A "Tupperware" party company but for shoes!

No Deal snipeLlama Brew

A company that bottles fertilizer out of llama poop. No, really.

Deal snipeNubrella

A new kind of umbrella, one that doesn't require hands but a whole lot of balls.

This episode featured a very rare five new deals for the sharks to consider as well as an update on Lifebelt, a deal that no shark made back from the second episode of the season. This marks the first time that Shark Tank followed up on a company that didn't make a deal in the tank, which is very nice of them since it's essentially free publicity.

This episode originally aired on February 5th, 2010.

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