Send A Ball

Send A Ball is a company from Chicago, IL, that will send a fully inflatable ball via the mail to whomever the person who placed the order wishes.

If you're thinking, "Well, certainly, this must be a deflated ball that the receiver must blow up," then you would be wrong. Send A Ball really sends a fully inflated ball through the mails with the message, greeting, stamps, and address all on the outside of the ball which, again, is fully inflated as it goes through the mails.

According to these entrepreneurs, "most" people who order a ball from them are intending it for someone else within forty-eight hours.

As of the filming of this episode, Send A Ball is shipping somewhere in the neighborhood of fifty to seventy balls a day. Each ball costs $5 and retails for $20. The business isn't currently producing their own balls but would like to to bring down the costs. They suggest that moving to just 100 balls a day would be "pure profit" for the business.

Unfortunately, no shark was willing to bite on this idea, despite the entrepreneurs claiming to "live and breathe balls" but... maybe, just maybe... the idea was too early. After all, in Season Eight, Mr. Wonderful invested in Potato Parcel, a company that shipped potatoes with and without messages to where ever people wanted them. Maybe, and this is just a theory, Kevin O'Leary always remembered this pitch and always regretted not getting involved. 

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