Llama Brew

Llama Brew is one of those companies that had created a slogan or whatever that will never let you think of something the same way again... and not necessarily in a positive sense. Because, what is Llama Brew, from La Habra Heights, CA?

Llama Brew is an organic fertilizer. Llama Brew "liquifies llama 'do'" and bottles it as a fertilizer. Yeah, you heard me.

In its lifetime, Llama Brew has managed to make $4,000 in sales despite having a provisional patent on the bottling process (because, of course). This, even despite one of the entrepreneurs explicitly stating that "you can't patent poop."

Thankfully, the sharks take a wide pass on this deal and Llama Brew goes home without a deal. 

Scroll chart to see it all!

Scroll chart to see it all!

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