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Brilliant Pad

Brilliant Pad is a product from a company in Chicago, IL, that offers a "high tech solution" for pet urination and clean up. The product looks like a small treadmill for pets with an absorption pad where the track might be. When an animal does their business on the pad, liquids will be absorbed. Solids require activating the rolling device that pulls the dirty pad into a roller housing and seals the waste within the layers of the pad.

Because the roller operates at the push of a button and the underside of the pad is sealed, removing and replacing the pad does not dirty the customer's hands and any odors ares removed from the room.

The entrepreneur who invented Brilliant Pad had previously created the scoop free self-cleaning litter box inspired by an ex-girlfriend with a cat.

The product was funded by an Indiegogo campaign that raised $100,000 within thirty days. He expects to fulfill campaign participants orders within six-months.

Each Brilliant Pad mechanism costs $54 to produce and is expected to retail for $149. The waste pad rolls are offered as part of a subscription for as low as $19.99 per roll including delivery costs.

This deal aired on Episode 9.09.

Making A Deal

Lori won the deal by offering the entrepreneur exactly what he asked for, $500,000 for five percent equity, leaving the value of the company the same as when he came in. However, she also asked for and received $2.50 royalty per item until it earns $500,000. It was unclear as to whether this applied only to the pads or also to the Brilliant Pad machines themselves.

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Scroll chart to see it all!

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