Episode 11.19

No Deal snipeJust The Cheese

A company that makes baked cheese bars sound tasty as all get out. Unforuntately, the terms the sharks were asking for were too rich.

No Deal snipeNeuro

A company making breath mints and gum packed with enough caffeine to send you to the moon that, again, just could find an agreement on a value with the sharks.

No Deal snipeSeriously Slime

The first events deal in a while, a company that will teach your kids to make slime. So... you know... they're expecting a thank you card in the mail any day now.

Deal snipeFirst Saturday Lime

A family run business that has figured out an environmentally friendly use for lime when it comes to bug prevention.

This deal featured the return of guest shark Daniel Lubetzky in addition to four new deals to consider. Somewhat unusually, this episde featured only one company that actually got a deal, sending three home without!

Also, this episode featured an update on Tailgate N Go, a company Matt Higgins invested in earlier this season.

This episode originally aired on April 10th, 2020.

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