Seriously Slime

An actual valuation under $5,000,000? Does Shark Tank even do that any more?

Apparently so. And, apparently, the tanks still does event-based businesses. We haven't seen one of those since Adventure Hunt back in Season Ten.

These two entrepreneurs have created a business around the making of "slime", a hot trend in the kid space it would seem but something parents hate. So they will bring the slime making to you for birthday parties and other events and, presumably, clean up after.

Unfortunately, despite their very reasonable value, none of the sharks bit, citing the fact that they were only seven months old and with $28,000 in lifetime sales, just didn't have the track record yet to prove they were viable. 

This deal is being collated and will soon be posted. Check back shortly to see the details on this company and the pitch it made on Shark Tank.

Scroll chart to see it all!

Scroll chart to see it all!

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