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Adventure Hunt

Adventure Hunt is a business started by two brothers from Provo, UT, that offers planned experiences where participants can go meet challenges and search for "treasures" against other teams.

Adventure Hunts plans "adventures" for specific dates in specific cities that participants can sign up for between $32 and $99 per participant to enjoy. There is no difference in activities between the price levels, just the starting box contents. Participants in the "adventures" are provided a list of activities and challenges that range either "adventurous" or "funny" through a custom built app. The average event features fifteen or so clues that lead to the "treasure." These can include things like walking across a balance rope in a set amount of time or giving and/or receiving a wedgie. All of these events must be posted onto Instagram under a specific hashtag that Adventure Hunt employees will verify for credit.

The presentation demonstration featured a couple doing both while holding their phones to document it and looked appropriately ridiculous.

Adventure hunt primarily attracts new participants to their events through advertisements on Facebook and Twitter. The company has been around for eighteen months and has grossed $769,000 in sales. Their sales are $667,000 in the year to date. The events that Adventure Hunt hosts typically attract three hundred people per event and do not require any onsite employees because the start and end times are managed via the app and the proof of achievements is handled by verifying posts hashtagged on Instagram.

The entrepreneurs stated that they were in the tank in order to partner with a marketing expert to tell them what they are missing.

This deal aired on Episode 10.10.

Making A Deal

Mark dropped out almost immediately citing a conflict in space overlap between Adventure Hunt and Rugged Maniacs, a deal he made in the twenty-sixth episode of Season Five. Daymond likewise dropped out but because he claimed that he "doesn't like being around a lot of people."

Guest shark Bethenny Frankel stated that she was interested but wanted to see them expand into corporate team building events as well as offer a dating aspect to the adventures as part of her offer for the $150,000 in exchange for 25%. Robert stated that he was also interested and also interested in pursuing team building events.

When the entrepreneurs asked if the sharks might be willing to reduce their equity ask, Bethenny dropped down to 20% and Robert likewise followed suit. This led Bethenny to call Robert a copycat but he was unfazed, as were the entrepreneurs since they accepted Robert's offer over hers.

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Scroll chart to see it all!

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