Episode 11.15

No Deal snipeKidsLuv

A company that has created a survival drink for children that assumes they'll get no other nutrition.

No Deal snipeSwimply

A fast talker (oh... god! Such a fast talker) who wants to create the AirBnB of swiming pools. (Seriously, this wasn't worth keeping up with...)

Deal snipeThe Space Traveler

Two mothers who have created a way to crate...ahem...box...ahem...separate their children by using a dog crate...ahem...box...ahem...thingy...

Deal snipeBertello

Two partners pitching a way to make pizzas that taste lika da way da grand-fata-uh made dem. No... that's not us being culturally in-appropriate, that's how they described it.

This episode featured no guest shark appearances but did have the usual four new deals for the sharks to consider.

Additionally, this episode featured an update from Everlywell a deal Lori made back in season nine. In it, Lori stated that Everlywell helped push the total retail sales of all her Shark Tank businesses past the $1,000,000,000 mark. To further emphasize this, we also learned the total sales of a few other businesses including SceenMend which has earned $18,000,000 in sales, Biaggi earning $30,000,000, Drop Stop another $40,000,000. CordaRoy's with $50,000,000, Bantam Bagels with $52,000,000, Squatty Potty selling a staggering $175,000,000 in, you know... potties... and, finally, Scrub Daddy selling an outstanding $233,000,000 worth of sponges.

This episode originally aired on March 13th, 2020.

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