Episode 10.06

Deal snipeVade Nutrition

A company started by a husband & wife team that wants to change the way people consume protein after workouts.

No Deal snipeLockstraps

A business that is trying to make sure people's things are strapped down and secure with a new system.

Deal snipeBottleKeeper

Inventing a new way to keep beer cold, this company has a new device to sell.

Deal snipeNui

Another keto diet based food product, this one aimed at snacktime.

This episode originally aired on November 25, 2018, and featured the usual four new deals for the sharks to consider. Additionally, it featured an extremely brief update from SafeGrabs, a deal Lori Greiner made in the fifth episode of Season Eight and another small update from Ice Shaker, a deal Mark Cuban and Alex Rodriguez made in the fourth episode of Season Nine.

Naturally, Alex Rodriguez returned to feature as a guest shark in this episode.

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