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Alex Rodriguez is one of Major League Baseball's greatest players. He is CEO of AROD Corp, a multi-faceted business conglomeration boasting coast to coast with an auto dealership group, international and domestic fitness clubs, and a fully integrated real estate empire, with over 200 employees and more than 12,000 units in their portfolio across 13 states.

He has appeared on Shark Tank beginning in Season Nine.


Shark Comparison

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Given that Arod has been in the tank for two whole episodes and made a grand total of three investments, there isn't much to be said for Alex Rodriguez as a shark. (Arod has returned as of Episode 10.06!) If there were, it might be that it's surprising that of the three deals he's made only one has been in the recreation category and that was for a company that made a new type of shaker bottle. One might expect a former baseball player to invest more heavily in the category but, then again, he's seen a total of four deals.

If he returns in Season Ten, perhaps the Stats Shark can offer more insight.


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