The Twister

This product could probably be recategorized under recreation was your Stats Shark so inclined but, given the goofy nature of the pitch and the fact that it's aimed at the golfer's family and not the golfer inclines your Stats Shark to think that this isn't a serious product. After all, a serious product would appeal to its main user as well.

The Twister is a new way to clean golf balls from Lovejoy, GA. It's a small device that will clean balls with a "twist", a "shake", and an "un-twist". And, before you ask, yes. That's all it does.

The Twister has been sold online thus far as well as at local flea markets. The entrepreneur estimates that "a couple of thousand dollars" worth of Twister units have been sold but never gets more specific than that.

Manufactured for $6.99, the Twister retails for $19.99. In fact, the entrepreneur pitching the deal says that they are looking for $850,000 from the sharks in order to build out inventory. You see, apparently, the Twist isn't so much aimed at golfers as it is at their families who might buy it for them as a gift. Which doesn't seem like a solid business model as it becomes a kind of one-and-done type of thing.

The sharks have their own problems with the deal, namely the monetary ask and the value of the business and the Twist leaves the tank without a deal. 

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Scroll chart to see it all!

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