Ink Flip

Ink Flip is a company from Franklin, TN, that hopes to create the Netflix of subscription services for printer ink cartridges. The basic idea being that a subscriber could receive cartridges when ever they return a used one.

Just like Netflix, Ink Flip provides pre-addressed, pre-stamped return boxes for empty cartridges. One comes with the first cartridge a customer receives on signup. The entrepreneur claims that the average customer uses eight cartridges per year.

Ink Flip is just six months old and, in that time, has booked $10,000 in revenue. However, to get the business off the ground, the entrepreneur invested $50,000 into it.

Unfortunately for Ink Flip, when the entrepreneur doesn't know something as basic as the average customer acquisition cost, the sharks decide not to make an offer and Ink Flip leaves the tank without a deal.

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Scroll chart to see it all!

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