Sticky Note Holder

You know those little plastic swing out arms that used to be attached to the side of computer monitors so it could hold a piece of paper that the user could then type in?

Well, introducing the Sticky Note Holder!

No, seriously, that's pretty much what this product, by an "inventor" out of Sherman Oaks, CA, has come up with. Except that, instead of holding a sheet of paper, one could attach Post-It notes to it so they're within the user's eyeline.

The business, unsurprisingly, has not yet had any sales. But the entrepreneur believes that the Sticky Note Holder would sell for as much as $9.50 per item (so long as no one looks in the bargin bin at Staples).

Showing that there might be some sanity left in the US patent system, the Stick Note Holder has not yet secured a patent. The entrepreneur has invested $1,000 into the business' startup costs.

That this pitch lasted as long as it did is the only real surprise. No sharks were interested and the entrepreneur went home without a partner. 

Scroll chart to see it all!

Scroll chart to see it all!

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