Inirv is a company from San Francisco, CA, that has invented a "smart knob" called the Inirv React for stoves that will prevent fires, accidents, and burned food from forgotten stove burners. This product replaces existing stove knobs with the company's proprietary version and an overhead devices that acts as a smoke and motion detector. Should either smoke or a lack of motion be detected, the overhead device will communicate wirelessly with the knobs to turn off the stove.

The company has had a functional prototype for several months by the time the deal aired with "multiple" provisional patents. The entrepreneur stated that the company is working on pre-programmed recipes that the knobs can help to cook.

The goal is for the knobs to provide peace of mind but also as an entry for the company into the kitchen as a whole for later, yet to be developed, products.

Inirv ran a kickstarter campaign in which a kit with four knobs and a sensor could be had for donating $250. The goal was to reach $40,000 over the course of the campaign but instead reached $175,000 or, as the entrepreneur said, "430% of the goal".

The entrepreneur, at the time of airing, stated that Inirv was in discussion with three large appliance manufacturers to license or white label the Inirv React.

Though the entrepreneur tried to explain that the value of the company was based on the fact that it was part of a $2,000,000 seed round, they sharks had a hard time moving past it and the entrepreneur left the tank without a deal.

This deal aired on Episode 9.14.

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