Elliptical Stroller

A company from Miami, FL, that has invented a way not only to take children for walks in a carriage but to get fit in the process. The company has merged the idea of a baby carriage or stroller and an elliptical workout machine, what the entrepreneur claims is the most popular type of workout machines among women.

The stroller is powered by an "elliptical stepper mechanism" that can be attached and removed or just folded up so that the baby carriage can be pushed in the traditional way.

The entrepreneur allowed the sharks to try the prototype that he claimed cost $48,000 to build. Robert said that it felt unstable to him and Kevin didn't like the weight, saying that it was heavy. The entrepreneur demonstrated how to remove the stepper for a more traditional stroller experience.

The entrepreneur said that he had invested $170,000 of his own money into the product, $70,000 just to get the seven claimed patents on the product. However, no safety testing had yet to be done on it. Prior to creating the Elliptical Stroller, the entrepreneur had been a real estate broker.

The deal was valued so that the entrepreneur had the necessary capital to take the product from prototype into production.

The sharks were unimpressed with the amount invested thus far and the cost of the prototype and saw a long road ahead in terms of safety testing. Because of this, they questioned why the entrepreneur hadn't just licensed the patents to an existing stroller manufacturer to bring into production. The entrepreneur left the tank without a deal.

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