Episode 10.07

Deal snipeHire Santa

An employment placement company for Santa's "friends" who can bring Christmas joy everywhere Santa can't be.

Deal snipeSki-z

A company that is trying to make carrying skis to the mountain easier by rolling them.

Deal snipeprank-o

A business that sells gift boxes for gag products that don't exist to trick friends and family into thinking they got something ridiculous.

Deal snipeOat Meals

A small NYC store that wants to convince Americans that oatmeal can be an all day meal.

This episode originally aired on December 2, 2018. It was the semi-annual Christmas episode, featuring four new, relatively holiday related deals for the sharks for consider. This episode also featured a brief update on Mensch on a Bench from the eleventh episode of Season Six and The Original Comfy from the thirteenth episode of Season Nine.

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