Episode 11.22

Deal snipeTough Tie

A clothing apparel company that is making ties (and other accessories) that will survive the mauling your children will give them.

No Deal snipeLord Von Schmitt

That guy who makes neat things that you encouraged to follow through and make a business out of that you have since regretted doing.

No Deal snipeDadWare

It's not exactly a nursing shirt for me but it is a way to expose bare skin on a man's chest for a baby. You decide.

Deal snipePotty Safe

A way to stop children from slinging their shit all over the bathroom while teaching them not to just let it out.

This episode featured four new deals for the sharks to consider. Instead of an update, it featured a short segment clearly recorded since the Corona virus lockdown that had the sharks encouraging entrepreneurs to never stop never stopping even during a pandemic. There were a lot of empty platitudes about uniting as a nation and the strength of the American economy but it was typical non-partisan Shark Tank fare.

This episode originally aired on May 8th, 2020.

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