Episode 10.16

Deal snipeUrbanfloat

Feeling stressed? How about taking a float in a sensory deprivation tank!

Deal snipeWild Earth

Solve you fat pet problem by making your carnivorous animals go vegan!

No Deal snipeKudo Banz

A new way to reward kids for doing the things around the house that they should be doing anyway.

Deal snipePooch Selfie

Can't get a good picture with your dog? This inventor has a solution.

This episode featured the usual four deals for the sharks and returning guest shark Matt Higgins to consider.

Additionally, it featured a short segment describing how Honeyfund, The Style Club, Lollaland (formerly Lollacup), Pandaloon, Raising Wild, and Toymail were all sent to Facebook to meet with COO Sheryl Sandberg about running women owned businesses.

This episode originally aired on March 17, 2019.

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