Episode 10.09

Buyout snipeMoki Doorstep

A new way to allow short people to reach the roofs of their cars.

No Deal snipeSproing Fitness

A new type of fitness device for people who like to run on a treadmill but don't like the injuries it can cause.

Deal snipeBruw

A new device to help those who like to make cold brew at home do so easier.

Deal snipeTushBaby

A new device intended to help parents give kids a ride on their hips without the accompanying damage to their backs.

This episode originally aired on January 6th, 2019 and featured no guest sharks. It did feature an update from Cycloramic, a deal Mark Cuban made back in the sixteenth episode of Season Five, and what amounted to the video version of a "drive-by hello" from the founders of The Longhairs, a deal also made by Mark in the sixteenth episode of Season Nine.

As per usual, the episode also featured four new deals for the sharks to consider.

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