Underease Underwear

Your Stats Shark really, really wanted to classify this a a gag product but, because the entrepreneur took it so seriously, he felt he was obligated to as well. But this is one of those products that people think of when they think of Shark Tank.


Because this entrepreneur makes underwear that will supress the effects of flatulence. Yes. Fart proof underwear.

The entrepreneur described it as working because it's made from air tight material with elastic around both legs and the waist with a little charcoal filtered vent "in the toosh".

Yes, this deal feels like a total gag but Underease has been operating it's site since 2001 and earned $37,000 last year and $67,000 the year before.

The downward trend in sales is, of course, troubling. But not nearly so troubling as being the shark who gets known as the investor in fart proof underwear. And no one wants to cross that line. So Underease Underwear goes home without a partner. 

Scroll chart to see it all!

Scroll chart to see it all!

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