Kalyx Techologies

Kalyx Technologies is not a technology company despite it's name. Rather, it's an apparel manufacturer out of Venice Beach, CA, started by a former professional golfer that specializes in making sports bras. (Presumably, the "technology" here is of the lifting and holding variety.)

Kalyx Technologies makes several different bras that are intended for different levels of activity, all with the goal of reducing bounce and breast pain while exercising. And because, of course, the entrepreneur has several provisional patents "ready to file."

Unfortunately, despite having a waiting list of 250 women who want the product and having invested over $100,000, the company appears to be running out of money and the entrepreneur is looking for a partner to help fund manufacturing.

But none of these things, nor the tears at the end, are enough to make a shark partner with this entrepreneur and she leaves without a deal. 

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Scroll chart to see it all!

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