trippie is a company founded by a pair of brothers from Hamilton, NY, who have created an app to help make travel easier by making it easier to navigate airports.

trippie aims to replace airport terminal maps "that never seem to be around" by providing full detailed maps of what airports have to offer so people can eat and live better while in an airport. The goal is to be the Waze of jetsetters and to build a community of travelers who can communicate and recommend services to one another. It currently has maps for four airports.

The app has been in the AppStore for a year and garnered 850 downloads and 150 active users.

One brother helps to aggregate data while the other is a self-taught app developer.

They are pitching the deal in order to raise the capital to hire a "developer better than" himself.

The app is not tied into any airport backend systems because the founders don't have the connections or know how to make them. Because the sharks saw no proprietary features within the app, each passed and trippie walked away without a deal.

This deal aired on Episode 9.02.

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