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No Mo-stache

No Mo-stache is a company from Los Angeles, CA, that has created an upper lip wax to remove hair with as little pain as possible. No Mo-stache is a "cold wax" product, meaning that it is not heated to melting like most hair wax products. Instead, it is warmed in the hand. This is enough for it to be applied and attach to hair. Also, because it's grip is not as tight as perhaps a hot wax product might be, the entrepreneur claims that it can be torn away without "much" pain.

The killer feature of this product is both the cold wax element, which means that it can be used anywhere and not just in a bathroom situation at home to remove unsightly and unexpected hairs on the go but also the discrete tin in which it comes that makes it easy to carry.

A tin costs $1.74 landed and carries a $18 per unit retail price. No Mo-stache sold $350,000 in the previous year, $400,000 total in the company's entire life time.

No Mo-stache was featured in Real Simple Magazine. The product currently sells in Sephora. Originally in 200 retail locations but down to just 60. No Mo-stache will be launching with five new distributors in September.

This deal aired on Episode 9.08.

Making A Deal

Lori and first-time guest shark Bethenny Frankel, teamed up to offer exactly what was asked for, $100,000 for 25%. However, being sharks, they also asked for a royalty on the deal of $1/unit until $200,000 has been earned.


From a valuation perspective, the Stats Shark has decided that extra conditions beyond the cash for equity amount don't generally have an effect. Therefore, even though the sharks are getting an extra $200,000 out of the deal that's not reflected in the market cap.

However, the Stats Shark is generally leery of royalties since they can cut deeply into the margin of a product. They sound nice because they are essentially a repayment with no set term. If the product sells well, then it's repaid early. If it doesn't, then it essentially never had to be repaid. And if it brings a shark onboard, maybe it's worth it.

In this case, it probably is worth it. The product would probably do well with the type of demonstrations that Lori specializes in and could be pushed along with Bethenny Frankel's other brands. Additionally, if the margin really is over $16/unit, then there's more than room for a royalty if the new partnerships prove themselves out.

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