dreampad is a company from Aurora, CO, has created a pillow that emanates stress reducing sounds to solve sleep issues. "A sleep product that addresses one third of the population," the entrepreneur said.

The entrepreneur claims that the music ("new-age" music according to [[Lori Greiner|Lori]'s description on the show) can only be heard by the person on the pillow. This is done by not using a speaker. Instead, the pillow uses transducers that create vibrations that the inner ear picks up and turns into sound. The company has a patent on the product

The music is controlled by an app that controls the transducers within the pillow. The app can currently play up to ten songs.

dreampad has four different models of pillow, two are faux-feather, one is memory foam, and one is a poly fill. While the pillows have slightly different costs to produce and retail for slightly different prices, the average selling price is $159 per pillow.

The entrepreneur projects that they will make $1,200,000 in sales by the end of the year, selling though Amazon and direct to consumer through their own website.

The entrepreneur and a partner have previously invested $1,200,000 of their own money. The valuation, it's claimed, is based on on projected sales over the next five years which the sharks take issue with. Because of this issue, dreampad walked away without a deal.

This deal aired on Episode 9.08.

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