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Mr. Tod's Pie Factory

Mr. Tod's Pie Factory is a store in Somerset, NJ that bakes... well... pies and needs capital in order to expand the business. Currently with two stores, Mr. Tod's Pie Factory is currently floating a third bank loan to finance its operations.

Because of current baking practices, the business nets 20% profit from its earnings. 50% of the business is wholesale and 94% of that is their Sweet Potato Pie.

The entrepreneurs behind Mr. Tod's Pie Factory state that they are looking for $300,000 to go toward a production facility to reduce costs and to build a street marketing team.

They also don't waste any time in shedding the first tears of any entrepreneur on Shark Tank in the very first deal of the very first episode.

Barbara and Daymond make history by teaming up together to make the very first deal.


Just five episodes later Shark Tank aired an update on Mr. Tod's Pie Factory on which it was stated the the sharks helped get the entrepreneur get on QVC. (Remember, Lori won't appear on Shark Tank until Season Three!) The update reported that business for the company has trippled since the appearance.

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Scroll chart to see it all!

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