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Ava The Elephant

This entrepreneur has created a product that makes the administration of medicine to children easier: Ava The Elephant.

The prototype being displayed is pretty rough but, essentially, it's a friendly face in front of an eye dropper that the child can focus on instead of the medicine being administered. The doctor, inventor, and entrepreneur states that it's intended for oral administration.

This product was originally called "Emmy the Elephant".

Though Ava The Elephant isn't currently patented, the entrepreneur is looking for investment so that the patent process can be gone through and a working prototype can be developed.

Barbara teams with this entrepreneur but at a pretty sharky price of 55% of the company's equity and a bite of $242,000 from the value of the company!


In an update later in season one the entrepreneur told viewers that the prototype had been completed and that she was pitching Flavor X on the idea. Unfortunately, the entrepreneur had also recently been diagnosed with cancer and that was, understandably, delaying progress with the company. 

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