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Guzzle Buddy

The Guzzle Buddy is a product by a company from Medford, OR, that turns a bottle of wine into an almost bottomless glass. It is a wine/shot glass that plugs into the top of a bottle so that a person could drink a "reasonable" amount of their beverage of choice with each sip rather than putting one's lips directly to the bottle.

The Guzzle Buddy has been capitalizing on the presidential debates to move units and sold out in just three days making $320,000 in gross sales. Each unit costs $3.12 to manufacture and retails for $24.99. In the company's ten month lifetime, the Guzzle Buddy has grossed $1,400,000.

Currently all the sales have been of the wine glass version. They are currently developing a beer "glass", presumably for large bottles of beer like Belgian ales come in.

This deal aired on Episode 9.18.

Making A Deal

Robert objected to the size of the investment, $400,000, claiming it gave him pause for what might otherwise be a fun product. But their asking amount was too much for him.

Daymond had no such qualms and offered the entrepreneur their requested $400,000 but for 25% equity instead of just the 10% originally presented. Because of the size of the investment and the equity ask, the represented a substantial bite from the original value of $2,400,000, though this is perhaps more in line with what a company making a novelty product should be valued at.

The entrepreneur accepted and brought on Daymond as a partner and investor.

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Scroll chart to see it all!

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