Brush Hero

Brush Hero is a company from Alexandria, VA, started by two adventurous entrepreneurs that makes a water powered cleaning brush that they claim can clean "almost anything." The brush doesn't spin quickly, instead it spins with torque to get into hard to reach places and to ensure that it scrubs effectively. It can be attached to any standard hose.

The baseline configuration for the Brush Hero retails for $34.99 and costs $6.50 per unit to produce. The entrepreneurs stated that they believed the cost could be lowered to below $4 with help.

The entrepreneurs believe that they will finish the year with $3,000,000 in gross sales, netting a profit between $300,000 and $400,000. They have spent $460,000 on Facebook advertising to acquire customers and believe that those ads resulted in $1,500,000 worth of sales.

In the following year, the entrepreneurs projected that the Brush Hero would make $10,000,000 in gross sales.

Daymond made the entrepreneurs an offer but then rescinded it after they left the room to discuss whether to accept it or not. As such, Brush Hero did not receive an investment.

This deal aired on Episode 9.18.

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