Episode 11.18

Deal snipeMuvez

Do you ever wish you could bring your sneakers inside or your slippers outside? No? Well... these entrepreneurs have solved that problem for you.

No Deal snipePrepWell Academy

A rare second appearance within the tank results in a rare second rejection as the sharks find themselves uninterested in yet another idea offered by this entrepreneur. They do offer him a third and final shot though...

No Deal snipeBeddley

Stuffing the stuffing of a duvet back into its cover is a pain in the ass, isn't it? So thought this entrepreneur and... no one else thought so...

Deal snipeBad Birdie

The real problem with golfing is that there aren't enough style choices in polo shirts. Not, you know, the greens fees or the aging demographic or the stupid fucking game... it's the shirts. But, hey, this entrepreneur has a solution!

It's tough to get excited about the Shark Tank, not because it's content has changed in the least. But because it used to be an antidote to the madness that one would encounter in everyday life. But then came a crazy virus that had everyone huddling indoors.

Had this virus killed only the very sick or the very old or the very young, it would have been... the same old-same old, as sad as that sounds. But, instead, it seemed to mostly kill old people but also just enough young people to keep everyone paranoid. So, instead of finding solace in Shark Tank, we instead found more television entertainment. Good entertainment and (mostly) good businessness but... haven't we had enough...?

This episode originally aired on April 3rd, 2020... three full weeks into the COVID-19 lockdown. Did it provide us solace? This question is posed so that those who follow can record it for our benefit. And the answer was... very little. Oh... so very little...

Oh yeah... And this episode also featured an update from Mother Beverage, a deal Rohan made back in season ten.

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