Episode 11.17

Deal snipePasta by Hudson

A company from New York, NY, doing what Viapiano has done for... years... make to order pasta for customers but... in subway stations?

Deal snipeGoumi

Kids clothes for people who have too much money. I mean...

Deal snipeCritter Pricker

A way to ward off raccoons from your trash. If you can handle the liability risk of falling on fairly sharp plastic spikes.

Deal snipeThe Frozen Farmer

A way to use misshaped and bruised but otherwise quality fruit: ice cream.

This deal featured four new deals for the sharks to consider but no guest sharks to consider them, just one of the usual line ups... if that does it for you.

We also got an update on Press Waffle Co., a company Barbara invested in back in season ten, when the world was young and so were our beliefs.

This episode originally aired on March 27th, 2020.

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