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Zero Pollution Motors

A Brattleboro, VT, based company backed by Pat Boone that manufactures licensed a car design fueled by compressed air.

Pat Boone was not just the pitch man but also a co-founder of the company. He claimed that the design meets EU safety standards.

It is claimed that the car, called AIRPod, on a single tank of compressed air could travel as fast as 50 miles per hour with a one hundred mile range. However, to refill the tank of air, it was also stated that it would take four hours to "recharge."

The car was targeted to sell for $10,000.

The money was wanted to set up an assembly plant in Hawaii and to secure rights to manufacture the design within in the United States.

The deal aired on Episode 6.26.

Making A Deal

Robert Herjavec made his largest investment ever on Shark Tank with Zero Pollution Motors, investing a hefty $5million dollars into the company for a whopping 50% stake. Not only was it Rober's largest investment, it still remains the largest investment to air on Shark Tank.

The deal was contingent on securing the license to the design to sell AIRPod within the greater United States.

In an article posted on Green Auto Market it was stated that Robert backed out of the deal nine months after making the investment. The company posted on its Facebook page:

Robert (Herjavec) backed out of the deal made last year after waiting 9 months. Now we are free to have other investors! Are you in?

So... despite airing as the largest deal ever, it did not actually go through. Without the deal, Robert's investment total in Season Six would be significantly lower.

As the chart below demonstrates, this deal was far outside the norm for deals in the Tech category and significantly skews the results.

Scroll chart to see it all!

Scroll chart to see it all!

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