Washed Up Hollywood

Washed Up Hollywood is an apparel accessory company from Huntington Beach, CA, that specializes in making designer belt buckles and belts for both men and women.

This entrepreneur has pedigree, being the son of a belt designer. He also works with his brother and sister, both of whom (one would assume) are also the children of a belt designer.

Washed Up Hollywood, claims the entrepreneur, is best known for the hardware of their belt buckles and has been featured in a magazine.

Since starting the business three years before, Washed Up Hollywood is now in over three hundred stores including Nordstrom. In the previous year, the company sold 10,000 belts resulting in $435,000 in sales and the company is profitable.

The entrepreneur originally invested $120,000 into the business and is looking for a shark to help turn it into a real big deal. The entrepreneur has designs to turn Washed Up Hollywood into a $32,000,000 a year business in just five years.

Unfortunately, while Treasure Chest Pets proved that unfilled purchase orders is the surest way to lure in a shark, Washed Up Hollywood demonstrates that un realistic projections is the easiest way to lose them and this business goes home without a deal. 

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Scroll chart to see it all!

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