Toys as a category represent deals that are primarily about creating products that are innately fun in and of themselves. This can be anything from card games to collectibles like Flipoutz in Season Two to stuffed animals with storybook like Slumberkins in Season Nine.

Though people can often refer to things like guitars and recreational vehicles as "toys", this is often intended to be facetious. Instead, on Stats For Sharks, the Stats Shark classifies items as toys that follow the more traditional definition.

Though toys seem like a natural fit for the Shark Tank, they are actually one of the more difficult products to pitch.. There have been only twenty-four toy pitches to date (with only one each in seasons two and nine and none at all in season three. Despite twenty-two of these having earned some kind deal, their infrequency in relation to other deal types may hint to the fact that sharks are either unlikely to invest in such a deal type or don't have much interest.

As Mr. Wonderful is known for saying, "The toy industry is brutal."

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